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Add the power of the “yes” signal to any horsemanship endeavor

 Let us show you how! 

  •  Use less pressure and gain unbelievable lightness

  •  Reduce fear in horse or rider

  •  Put the fun back into teaching and learning 

  •  Promote Focus and Empathy 

  •  Learn  Leadership and Coaching Skills - be a better instructor or teacher 

Available for Demos, Clinics and Lessons at your barn.


May - November

Galway, NY

Beautiful upstate New York


Galway Arena
Hatfield Round Pen

December - April

Hatfield, AR

Warm wonderful Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas



  Or, enjoy a day or weekend of training with your horse at either of our beautiful facilities


The boys in Arkansas



2009 Schedule

Updates in progress

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 Topic Titles Available for Expos and Demonstrations

Getting started with Clicker Training

Problem Solving with the Clicker

Clicker Training for the Trail Rider

Influencing and Improving Performance with the Clicker

Using a Positive "Marker" to Help Teach Riders

How to Find the Clickable Moments in Teaching or Learning

7 Most Common Misconceptions about Clicker Training

And More.......




Dolores Arste

Zen Clicker Horsemanship

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