Educational Foundation for Equine Clicker Trainers



From Whispering to Listening.

As a founding member of Click-EFFECT the Educational Foundation for Equine Clicker Trainers, the focus at the Zen Horsemanship Center is

"Clicker Training and ......."

The "and" might be Pat Parelli (PNH), Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, Classical Dressage or Western Reining. It might be a discipline or a method that you already know or if you don't know I'll teach you how I work. I teach people how to add the incredible power of the Clicker to what they already know. Or, to use the Clicker to learn what they don't know and teach it to the horse.

The Clicker is a Marker. It acts as a highlighter clarifying the exact moment that the horse has done the exact right thing.

I teach people to become selective sifters. I teach people to "notice" By focusing on noticing what's good and what you'd like to have, a person's whole out look can change. We begin to see the beauty and incredible "try" that is inherent in the horse.

Once you have opened the Pandora's box of communication, it’s like when Helen Keller learned to sign. Do you remember the movie? They want to know everything - now!


They want you to talk to them all the time. In fact, we are talking to them all the time we are within their site. But, most people do not notice when the horse talks. The horses, however, always notice.

Clinton's clear concise training methods pair beautifully with the Clicker. When watching Clinton on Video or on RFD-TV, listen for Clinton's marker "there" or "there you go"

So, you will come to know that every minute that you are within site of your horse, you are training. That's what clicker training is all about - noticing.

Clicker training teaches people to look for what's being done right, when its being done right. It changes us from being reactive to pro-active teachers and riders. Clicker training improves focus and observation and mechanical skills.

Clicker training is fun; I hope that folks will be laughing from the start. When was the last time you watched anyone teach a riding lesson or train a horse and just laugh because they were having so much fun. No special tools are required. And, you can use the tools you are already comfortable with.

I, personally, prefer a plain web halter. This halter is my litmus test. If I think I can't ask and get a response with the plain halter, then perhaps I've left a hole somewhere in my training or perhaps in my understanding of what it is I am trying to teach.

At a clicker hour, day or weekend, we'll work with people and with horses at the stage that they are. We aim for small improvements on the day and big changes in thought and how we look at the horse and what we see. We'll learn that the laws of learning are always in affect. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, if we are within site of the horse we are training him or he is training us. We can't stop the tide, so we might as well harness the power and use it to help us and help the horse. We'll learn that motivators and rewards can change over time and even from minute to minute. We'll learn how to determine what is reinforcing and what is motivating at that moment. And, we'll learn how to create a plan that you can take home to use and re-use.