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Why Clicker Train?

Clicker training opens the door to understanding and incorporating many aspects of horse care all for the benefit of the horse. These favorites will link you to the world of excellence of the clicker training community. 

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The Clicker Center

The Clicker Center:  A must as your first stop into the world of Clicker Training The main Website for Information, Books, Videos, and Everything Else you ever wanted to know about Clicker Training for Horses. Hosted by Alexandra Kurland

ClickRyder the Yahoo Email List

Clickryder: A Clicker Email List Just For Horses: One of the largest email training lists. This fast growing, wonderful list is a first-rate information resource. If you have clicker training questions, this is the place for you. You'll find a community of knowledgeable, supportive horse people who love sharing their clicker training experiences.

THE CLICKRYDER WEB SITE: An attractive, informative site. This site is continually being updated with clicker stories and photos sent in by people from all over the world.

Other Horse related websites in the LAND of CLICKER

Clicking for Kids - 4-H.   You can use clicker training for any style of riding.  For example, I use it for English and Lauren uses it for Western. Our other 4 members don't have horses but LOVE to ride and learn about them.  Nikki, age 13.  

Horseman's Art:  "Classical is Natural" 
Books, Videos, Gifts, and training support. Sharon Foley's beautifully designed web site offers a wealth of information Dressage and Natural Horsemanship. Be certain check out her ReadingRoom and the essay entitled, "The Long, Winding, Bumpy Road." If you're not sure how all this clicker training fits into horse training, Sharon's story may help.

Eternal Sun Stable: Eternal Sun Stable is dedicated to the enrichment of the horse and rider relationship; Communication, Mutual Respect and Performance.

Clickin On Ranch: Clickin' On Ranch consists of 40 acres in the beautiful Illinois River Valley of southwestern Oregon. It is the home of Karen, Justin and Sarah Parker and fourteen horses.

Equine Clicker Training: All these things are possible with a clicker trained horse. With clicker training, you can teach your horse all the skills he needs and have fun at the same time. Terrific resource to find other Clicker Trainers

Denstar Farm: If you're interested in clicker training mustangs, Robert Denlinger's home page is well worth a visit. His photo essay on Tobey, an abused mustang, shows how Natural Horsemanship and clicker training can be combined to develop a trusting relationship.

Training with X-cellence: Belgium site of Inge Teblick. Some articles in Engish. Inge has a new Groundwork book soon to be available in English. Watch this site for news

Kicking Back Ranch: Another great resource for those interested in mustangs.

Kayce Cover -Synalia Bridge & Target-training

 On-Target-Training: Shawna & Vinton Karrasch On Target Training is a reward reinforcement training system that dramatically accelerates the training process for any breed

Clicker Friendly General Interest Horse Sites

Clicker training makes a natural partner with many other progressive training methods. These related sites will link you to some wonderful training, health and management resources.

Jessica Jahiel's Holistic Horsemanship  Here's a great site for the dressage enthusiast. Plan to spend some time here. This is an information packed site.

James Shaw Tai chi: Good horse handling and riding depends upon good body mechanics. James Shaw brings the art of T'ai chi to riding.

 John Lyons Horse Training - visit horsemanship101.com for trainers, clinics and free horse training. Sponsored by JL Certified trainer - Keith Hosman

General Learning Theory Websites

Karen Pryor's web site: If you enjoy clicker training, you will definitely want to visit Karen Pryor's beautifully designed Homepage. Karen Pryor is one of the leading pioneers in clicker training. Her book, Don't Shoot The Dog has taught thousands of people how to train using positive reinforcement. Her web pages contain a wealth of information. If you are a dog trainer, you will find her page especially useful.

The Clicker List: This is the original email list for clicker trainers, a very informative and useful addition to your daily reading. The primary focus is on dogs, but all species are welcome. For more information on the clicker list and other clicker resources on the web, check out:  You can access the clicker list, look up topics of interest in the archives, and connect to the on-line clicker community through a very extensive list of links to other web sites.

Gary Wilkes' Click and Treat Web Site:  Gary has created an excellent site with a wealth of information. Gary's videos (On Target , Click and Treat , and The Doggie Repair Kit ) provide very clear instruction for getting started with the clicker.

Health and Alternative Therapy Links

The Iron Free Hoof: The best website to start your journey into understanding the horse's hoof. Whether you shoe or not, you must start with a correctly balanced foot. This website will tell you how. 

Click and Trim:  Learn about natural hoof care and how to recognize what a good hoof trim looks like from Clicker Trainer Kim Cassidy.  You will also learn how to trim your own horse!!!

Safer Grass: Learn about grass and pasture, when the best times to allow horses out to grass, pasture management, and new articles and reference material with the latest scientific findings

Zen Guidance: Energy healing for animals and humans. Life, spiritual and wellness coaching

Learning to Listen in Tune with the Universe

Notes on and How to Self Test Remedies with photos

 Self Testing
Using a Pendulum for testing foods

 Energy Testing
Descriptions of different types of Energy Testing

 Pendulum Testing
How to Use your Pendulum for testing

 Pendulums & Dowsing
How to Use Pendulums & How to Dowse

 Muscle Testing
How to "Muscle" Test

 Manual: The Basic Steps to Your Emotional Freedom The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique

 You are the light - The Movie  You Are The Light Movie is a reminder of what you already know, feel and desire to be, do and have in order to best contribute to this world.

Heart Warming Movies Awaken your sense of joy and wonder. Movies to inspire love and compassion for all living things.

Recalling the Song ~ How Communicating with Animals Will Change our World  This article is partially excerpted from Animal Voices looks at the importance of communicating at deeper levels with all of nature, and includes a talk with a fly, a dog and teacher/communicator Penelope Smith.

Reconnecting with Animal Wisdom This article is also partially excerpted from Animal Voices. It looks at how telepathic communication with animals works and what we might do on practical levels with the information and wisdom we receive

How to Communicate with Animals This is an excerpt from Awakening to Animal Voices and gives an overview of the 'basics' of animal communication.

Other Animal Communication Articles A collection of articles and interviews by the author of Animal Voices - Dawn Baumann Brunke