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New classes at Zen Guidance

I specialize in working with women who need a roadmap or a project plan for the life they want


Clicking for Good Vibrations

Learn to develop your skills in creating your day by bringing in attention and awareness and by opening your heart to the possibilities


Mirroring - E-course

Learn to do what the horses do for us for yourself and others


Turn Your Passion Into Extra Income

If you have a website or blog, take advantage of this information packed course.  I can show you how to be paid for what you may be doing for free today!


Insure Your Success

We have insurance for everything; cars, boats, horses. How about your success? Learn to use your emotions to guarantee your success today.


Financial Freedom on $1- a Day

Learn how you can leverage your time, money and energy to create a savings plan for your freedom. Start with a little time or as little as $5- a month. No risk, we'll teach you.


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