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Eyes Wide Open Publishing

  Announces A New Book

  Conversations With Cadbury

By Dolores Arste



This book is about learning to have a relationship with a horse, person, or family member by learning to speak and be spoken to by a horse.

   Not all horses are born with the same ability to have a conversation with a human.  This thought also applies to people in that not all people are equipped with the same skills to have a conversation with each other or with an equine.


   At the beginning of every new relationship, we all bring what we bring; our perceptions, our prejudices, our stereotypes, our fears, and of course our agendas and egos.


   By following the real-life story of accomplished horse and dog trainer Dolores Arste, we learn to overcome these hurdles and step into the realm of a true relationship.


   This book is not a "how to train my horse book." That is because this book goes beyond the conventional training methods of A+B=C.


   Conversations with Cadbury is about allowing for the unexpected and unique. 


   This book helps us understand the art of relationship with a horse, dog or a human. It relates the struggles, successes and yes even the failures that occurred with one very special animal. Cadbury, the conversationalist, the teacher changed Dolores’ life forever.    

Readers will enjoy the unexpected here, and begin to form their own bond with these amazing creatures.   

To Purchase Dolores Arste’s  new book

Send a check for $14.95 Plus shp. $5.95 to

Dolores Arste

6326 Barkersville Rd

Middle Grove, NY 12850

(518) 882 6485


To pay by credit card : http://tinyurl.com/Conversations-with-cadbury